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Friday, July 17, 2009

i think ive some fun writing to do for school this semester. Writing and thinking for multi media projects. one being an experiment using 'Twitter', and the creation of a persona who will tell a story via tweets over a period of time.

Heres the run down:
Christopher Kelly will be the subject, the narrator and the victim.
And live his brief life for eight weeks on the social network Twitter.
He considers himself a normal and straight up kind of guy with a steady
Job and a new found love of keeping himself fit.
A menswear shop in a suburban mall is where he works and the local YMCA
is where he works out. He moved straight out of school into a good job which was great but… it leaves a gap in is life. What to do in his spare time? He never really had a passionate hobby or sport he was really good at. He recently joined a gym which seems to be opening up possibilities in his otherwise dull routine. Not a lot of action or interaction with others but enough to ‘twitter’ about on his new computer. He doesn’t know a hell of a lot about all this internet business but saw them talking about Twitter on TV so decided to give it a go.
Chriskelly777’s mother and father were devout Christians, his brother and Sister rebelled and denounced their parents naive attitudes but Chris, never thought anything much about it. Only, when choosing his Twitter profile name, he added 777 which he knew, in the back of his mind, had some sort of religious meaning.
Unbeknown to Chris hes about to meet someone at the gym who will spark up a somewhat superficial friendship.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009


This is me in my funny arrangement of hats i use for bicycling. the flash made icicles apon thy brow.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Ive a ticket to Melaka , in Malaysia, in November! im going to dance there, perform at a festival. It'll be fun to be some place i didn't expect to ever be.


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