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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Last night was our opening night of the show. AS we were starting , a storm came over Melbourne and rain came, making lots of noise on the roof of the wharehouse. Halfway through the show rain started dripping from the roof right on the lighting equipment. (which is very dangerous!) Lights started flickering . The show had to stop , and then was canceled. It was a fizzer. Not a good feeling to be half way through a story and then for it to be cut short .... Hopefully a better night tonight!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Our show is now up and running. I have some very manic costume changes in dark places! I thought id forget my monologe but, on the preview night, last night, i did really well! Now that i know what im doing i can start to be more creative and use subtle gesture. My dreams last night where all busy busy theater busy in dark spaces, so i awoke more exausted than I was last night!- we now have the days free and Shows at night- NINE to go! Please come if your in Melbourne! ITs a very cool show.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Time flys... The past few days have been just rehersal, rehersal, rehersal for the 'House of Aplication' Show starting Tuesday. My favourite scene is a brief moment when i 'pretend' to make out with a girl (I quite like). So when my normal life doesnt cut it I have my theater life to fall back on!-lol.
I made friends via with a girl in Louisianna who is, right at this moment, bunking up and getting supplies for when Hurricane Rita hits. She actually found time to write little old me an e-mail!- I hope theres somone to reply to in a couple of days- but she seems on to it, living on a military base who, shes says, can patch things up pretty quick after a storm.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Yesturday i was biking down the north Fitzroy bike path and witnessed a girl, walking along with her whippit dog , get attacked by a territorial Magpie.
I love bird/ human interactions so it was amusing. The Whippet didnt know what was going on but the girl freaked and was running away with the bird making low swoops. What a place, i thought for a bird to make a nest, right beside a busy path. It must have to be 'angry' bird every five minutes!

(im always a bit sad when my past posts fall off the page into archives , so please take a moment to explore more amusing stories IN the archives. ^-^)

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Two cool things today. Watching a baby swim class at the YMCA. They were having a great oldtime spalshing and bobbing around!Itwas so funny. Afterwards i was in the gym looking out a window and saw a mother who had just put here baby down to do something.The baby, in its little red chinese outfit rolled over into yoga 'down dog', pose for about 20 seconds.Like it needed a stretch after going for a swim.WE were all once babies!-lol
This afternoon i went to a CAKE bake off party. Lots of dressed up people and a table with all home made wedding cakes, of all shapes ,sizes , colours and textures. IT was crazy.We had lists and had to judge them according to many different things. SWeetest, most layered, least edible looking, Most crazy, smallest etc etc. I tried to take it easy (what with being all healthy and all) but it was hard not to get involved- i liked my friend, Jedda's, Rice and cream cake with strawberries and peaches-but the Grandprize went to Jessi-ray and her best Looking teddy bear cake which also won 'most marzipan'- WHEW...what a party!

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I had Butoh class today. Like ive had every Saturday for the past seven years! Butoh is a dance form that originated from Japan in the 1960's. It has a very earthly surreal and dark quality. Today we were playing with dancing with the internal organs on the outside. Making a very strange looking movement for the viewer and a strange feeling movement for the dancer! I found this Butoh poster from the company a teacher of mine, Yumi, was once involved with, Dairakudakan.
Butoh is COOL, i love it!

Friday, September 16, 2005


Even a lucky guy like me has his stupid moments. On the way home from a rehersal today i ran over a TAC on my bike, causing a very flat tyre. (the classic tac disaster!) I was miles away from home! Half way, it starting pouring rain and then hail ! I got instantly wet and cold. The brake pads have worn out on my bike too so i had to stop at the bike shop and get some more.
I cant go anywhere untill i fix everything up.
Last week I discovered '', a place to meet people from around the world and make friends. It was a bit of a slow start but now its quite amazing!-new people met, with similar interests and easy. Not like old chat days -where one had to post adds on obscure internet newspapers and have to sift through alot of people to find Gems. I have Coool new friends!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Today i went to WHITE NOISE an exhibition at ACMI , In Fed Square. ACMI is the worlds biggest screen Gallery with cutting edge digital art from around the world.W/N was about just that, a timless white void of technology and numbers. The exhibits were fantastic. Clean, futuristic , eerie. This picture is of one of my favourites but its hard to explain the feelings involved.It was a dark tunnel , with a thin red light at a far end. High frequency sound came from nowhere, and suddendly a single strobe flashed- causing your eyes to see light shoot down the tunnel. I love this kind of thing!

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Taking it easy today and being online lots. Had a great argument with a scammer who said i was next of Kin to some dead person in Africa, who had left 5million dollars to me.He wasted my time so I wasted his! In the end he got quite angry (kept e-mailing me!) .
Great Party last night , i danced hard with the girls. I experimented with doing it TOTALLY straight no drugs, drink, or pot. I was happy and had a great time!So it IS possible. Feel good today too. The picture here is an old painting of mine about my Spirit friends in the netherWorld.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Im in a show with 'The Adult Youth of Today'. Itll be part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival starting in two and a half weeks. The show is called 'The House of Application' and is based on Victorian moralitys. Its so much fun. People have taken on Characters. Ladies, Gentlemen , Suiters , a little girl and Im a 'Larakin'.
I swagger about the place, looking behind my back , speaking in a cockney accent.
We have been rehersing lots, all day today. Itll be staged in a big old Wharehouse on Easy st in Collingwood (cnr Easy & Sackvillie/8.30/28th Sept-7th NOv) It will be a fantastic show! Funny, scary, interesting and Victorian!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I met up with Stelarc today. It was pretty cool hanging out with a famous person. He was a cool guy.WE went to the courthouse and he attached these electrodes on my arm mussel and wired them up to a little box. He turned it on , there was a tingling sensation and then my arm started doing freaky things! It was SOOOO weird.It hurt if he turned it up too much. We talked about my performance, then we went and he bought me a coffee and talked some more. Hes off to give talks in Europe so ill see him again when he returns. It was one of the most freaky things ive ever pysically felt , and a bit scary . It feels like your on the edge of something....strange,out of control. I now know how a robot feels.


Horse does it YET again!
This poem was found by my mother and e-mailed to me by my step-father. It is written by one of New Zealands most poplar writers and published in 'The Listener' , THE table top, TV, arts and cultural magazine in NZ. It is quite obvious that this is MY HORSE!!! She must have seen me on visit to Melbourne. How uncanny. Yet another claim to fame without actually doing anything!

Monday, September 05, 2005


You know when a cat makes that funny vocal sound when it sees a bird? Well, this sound confuses a bird into a kind of hypnosis for a split second,
allowing the cat to make a pounce.
Im busy purrrrfecting this technique with the aid of my speach impediment (I have a mild stutter). Making it 'work' for me .
When i talk to people they offten get confused, allowing me to slip in a 'reality hack virus word', which enters their subconcious and sparks neurons off on different pathways.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Ive been downloading some favourite dance tracks from way back,
Orbital , FSOL , The Orb. Reminding me.... I owe alot to the 'rave' phenomenon.
Starting in London at an underground sqat, where you knocked on a mysterious door , and let in to little rooms with strobes , speakers and smoke. The discovery of the dance and designer drugs.
Then, taking a while longer to catch on in NZ. The people needed much persuasion. The Fluro Psychedelic acid scene in Nelson/ Golden Bay and the long summer nights. The Christchurch hardcore with its 200bpm and teeni bopers. To Dunedin a few years later and into DEEP trance with Eudeonomy tribe, battling it out in rain and snow, falling in love. Then Melbourne and the Party vibe , Earthcores, Desertcores , PsycoRobberrys and Dirty FLIRT's. ......... Jezzz, what a TRIP its been!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Its hard to have much to say here when the World has so much news allready.
Its a bit overwhelming to say the least !

And just in case your wondering, Chek this page out:

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Horse Does it Again!

This morning I was barley awake when I got a call from Anni , the director of a show im in.
She said she would pick me up to go do some promotion at the Fringe Festival opening.
I was only half awake but before long we were in town and at the official opening. It was a packed room ,we arrived late, just in time to miss the speaches. We had to elbow our way in. I was thinking.. "oh God,this is so stupid, i dont thnk im really into theater, these people are weirdo's".... when along came some free sandwiches and drinks. It was a party. I woke up a bit. Then it was time for the press photos. All the actors/performers packed themselves on stage and had shots (with our Melb Mayor in the middle) a big cheese!" Well", i decided," it was now or never!" I put on my red coat, white gloves and horse mask and became...HORSE!!! I jumped right up front, in front of everybody and in front of the press, and did royal theater moves and poncey gestures.I had grabbed the press and had them all to my self for at least a minute!There were at least ten of them snapping away with their big cameras. I was the star! Then it was all over, we split, and i was back in my room all of a sudden.
"Jezz..." i thought, did that really happen?


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