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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Today I attended an audition for a mask/dance work next year.(Paid work!) What was strange and rather disconcerting, was that one of the directors was on the other end of a lap top in Canada. So we had to have this strange video eye on us while we did our little solo mask thing. Times when one feels like the good old approach, real life , might have been more comfortable!
I dont usually do auditions, never have! Everyone else seemed nervous but i was cool. Ive got a good chance of being selected (maybe)
Also- biked over to see a BEN FRost exhibition in Parhan, which was VERY cool. Fanntastic POP art.
Also- scored a gig for GHetto Fabulous NYE. Im goin' to get togeather 'LONE WOLF' my speakeasy persona, to do his thing.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Rockin update-
Im now the official on-call Masseuse for the
Town Bikes.

Just a little help from Our Lady no doupt-
Its pays to pray. Get what you want!

Friday, November 25, 2005


ok...shows over.
It went ok. i was good , ok ...but not brilliant. I blame my not enough rehersal which i COULD have done. Stephen forgot to turn on my mic so a bit of impact was lost.The stimulator wasnt on high enough. People didnt even kno it was electricity that was moving my arms. Anyway lessons learnt. Stelarc had some good feedback , as well as others.
Monty and other nice girls were in the audience , -Thats all I care about really. ART is secondary.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005 my 'Hacker' show at dancehouse is on THIS
thursday at 8.oo. I have been spending hours (many many hours) with Angus going over the music and making the projection.
I will be using a muscel stimulation device on loan from STELARC (the worlds most cutting edge 'living Cyborg') and will be moving about in an occult, Butoh'esk fashion. It really IS the show of the century. Im raising issues regarding the treatment of the future 'robot' . I realise im a bit ahead of my time but better ACT now than leave it untill we get ourselves in a MATRIX or BLADERUNNER type situation. My work also explores the politics of designer drug taking...more or less??

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Proof of cosmic Playfullness.

The other day i was riding into town when i turned a corner
and rode Past a nature strip with , in a row:
A Post, a Possum, a Pie and a Piece of Paper.
All layed out on the lawn, Perfectly.
Strange I thought...a cosmic conspiricy? Or had I watched Seasame Street one to many times?

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Summer brings more and longer bicycle rides.
It also brings more flys.
So this means i get to swallow more flys while riding. It cant be helped.

Make your own radio station:

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I met up with STELARC again today, and i tried out the muscel stimulation device for a second time. In the semi darkness of La Mama , the ryhthm of electrical stimulation (of the arms) bought to mind a meloncholy robot. My performance might be quite 'beautiful' , not something i had planned so far.
Stelarc said that the higher the voltage, the more the movement. So basicily, this means the more pain i can handle the better the show. I got up to my pain threshold, and Stelarc said it was......performable....that is.. not great , just performable. So ill have to juice it up.
I didnt quite expect my performance to be going down this... strange and painful road.

Monday, November 14, 2005

This is a pic of the town Bikes who won the Burlesque Battle at First Floor on Friday night.They were very amazing, spunky,and funny. I get to see them in the dressing room .We exchange praise and compliments . (THats the performers life!ha ha!)
I helped out with 'Skys au go-go' .Thats Kathrine, Hanna, and Monty. I was a well dressed teddy bear for a brief moment as they changed from one costume to another and then at the end of the show I was Queenie the rabbit again. It was great fun. The R & B at the end started to get to me a bit though... Anyway, i have decided im in LOve with Monty who I meet Friday afternoon. Shes so VERY cool= I have Jimi Hendrix songs in my head. Ill try and post some pics of 'Skys Au Go-Go' 'cos they are my bestest and most lovley gang.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Im a Pirate on the High Seas of Victoria.
Tomorrow, I might be queenie the rabbit again for a Burlesque battle, as a special guest. Going to support beautiful girlfriends and 'to be seen', as i consider myself an up and coming Burlesque star and need points in my favour.

Today caught the train and rode my bike through the rain(!) to the Monash Gallery and did a life Modeling job.There was no teacher so I had to give the orders as to when breaks were etc.I much perfer to be told what to do. It was in this BIG gallery space. The artists were SO quiet. A surreal one for sure. (not like in St Kilda where its a right goss session). Now im full of pasta. Its high time for a smoke and bottle of rum. - (for the random surfer)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Friday, November 04, 2005


This is Me. My inspiration to have a fun and eventfull life.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


My fabulus body is living proof of the ability to do without meat. You just eat a few more beans, thats all. When i was eight i went on a school trip to the freezing works (Southland, NZ). It was THE most horrific place i have ever been. Later i had a dream where i saw the souls of a million sheep in a big vortex cloud coming up out of the ground. (the whole industry of animal= meat... is somehow...cruel...dont you think?)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


OK...well..a wild weekend! I did my act and it was cool. I could've done with more practice but i pulled it off. A friend Rachel, was my side kick dancing girl. I was in bowler hat, sparkly skull t-shirt, mini shorts , gym shoes and long teddy bear claws. It was a very rokin roll night really. We had a hall which we decorated. I love being back stage with the girls all dressed up. There were many magic moments as we entertained the crowd. The next day we were all 'munted' from the nights high flying activitys. We drove to a masive hill and had a picnic with a far out view. Hot, sunny...sunburn. And then a long drive home. The picture seen here is a battle in which some realitive MOUNSEY was the captian of. Its like me on stage, battling it out with argumentative reality.


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