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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Im a Pirate on the High Seas of Victoria.
Tomorrow, I might be queenie the rabbit again for a Burlesque battle, as a special guest. Going to support beautiful girlfriends and 'to be seen', as i consider myself an up and coming Burlesque star and need points in my favour.

Today caught the train and rode my bike through the rain(!) to the Monash Gallery and did a life Modeling job.There was no teacher so I had to give the orders as to when breaks were etc.I much perfer to be told what to do. It was in this BIG gallery space. The artists were SO quiet. A surreal one for sure. (not like in St Kilda where its a right goss session). Now im full of pasta. Its high time for a smoke and bottle of rum. - (for the random surfer)

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