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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Phew!...i can hardly keep up with myself! dancing with Lindsey which created good ideas for my solo show. Its gonna be far out! Then life modeling this eve...3 hours! God, it felt like eternity in those 20 min poses! now im stuffed. This weekend im going out to perform at a festival. The Nati Frinj, 3 hours out of Melbourne.Im booked in to do an act Sat 10.15 on an old style stage. Im gonna do my TEDDY BEAR with a beat box and a mic. And again ill use a RESIDENTS song. (the only cool lyrics i know and the good thing is , nobody else does!). Im on before a pretty famous Burlesque act, THE TOWN Bikes, so ill have to play it down a bit so not to steal the show.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


A pencil drawing done by Sophie who I model for sometimes.I like this picture, its quite cybernetic. Im listening to some deep minimal house from Moscow. The internet is cool.It solved my addiction for endless new sounds. C. d's are now a thing of the past, they take up so much room!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Last night i played 'Queeny' the rabbit. I had on an outragous rabbit suit with a bikini and nightie.Hanna and Kathrine did an airport dance and then the Queeny dance with me, dancing to an Andrew Sisters song. WE did it at two places in front of lots of people. I had to 'strip' the bikini off. IT was a lot of fun. Its cool to have such beautiful friends to hang out with and do crazy things. The champers flowed. Buy 5 am i was out on the street , legless and sick finding my way blind drunk, to crash on Robbies couch . Having a little sleep in his concrete doorway. Terrible, terrible! From stardom to rock bottom in one night.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


My attitude towards art theory. Me at Jen's performance last tuesday at VCA.
Im having a busy busy life! Next ive been roped into dressing up as a girl bunny and doing a strip with Katherine and Hanna. I have to learn the moves. Performing it tomorrow night, at the YELSA bar.
Did some MB (dance training) this morning so its good to have done that. Feels good. Its been hot and muggy and now its spitting rain.
I like this picture. Thanks to my friend XERO for taking it.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Nothing much NEW today but very artfull nevertheless. Butoh (dancing) this morning, which rocked, as usual. Partying tonight, not thinking about the after fallout.
Everyones been talking about great shows seen in the Melb festival. Ive been too poor to see anything! :-(
Its such nice weather . I have girl fever. Must be spring. I aquired some tobacco last weekend so Ive been having big guilt complex's about my occassional few. Im allways saying.."From tomorrow ill be straight, clean, and Ill even meditate".
I guess you should never put of for tomorrow what you can do today.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


More Theater and artfull activity!
A friend, Jennifer Proctor, has asked me to be part of a showing for her Masters at VCA. IT will be a presentaion of her work infront of her teachers and other important people, in a board room. Jennifer, in true BUTOH style decided to make it a performance, not mearly a talk!Thus creating a very bizare situation. Im like, a used car salesman whos going to hang out in the room, not talking, looking bored but professional, mostly standing, sitting on tables, staring blankly out a window, fiddling and figiting.
There will be another performer, Kim, knitting and serving tea. Jen will give her talk. I'll have to hold it for 45 mins-an hour. Fun crazy stuff!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Ive had the go-ahead for 'Hacker', my butoh performance at Dancehouse. Thursday 24th.
Its going to be a trance dance hack into the famous cybernetic artist, Stelarc.
ive been working using a random image generator to flash pictures of the humanoid onto my visual cortex under the influence of designer drugs. I will be using his own pre-programed arm movements using a muscel stimulation device and ive got a music man workin' on the cut up talking txt....slowing it down...speeding it up...
Stephen on lights.... everything in the experiment is going according to plan.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

It was our last show last night. An end of an epic 4 months, of theater.
Later in the night we all went down to the 'Fringe Festival Awards'. Our designers won best set and use of space award, and as a team the 'Adult youth of Today' we won the 'Development award' of 3ooo$ and 3 months free rehersal space! This is pretty cool! (1 of 4 cash prizes in 237 entrants!). WE all got up on stage and took bows and hugged alot. What a fantastic thing to happen after so much work!

Saturday, October 08, 2005


THeater IS:
Theater is being a star and then biking home alone in the rain.
Theater is doing 300 hours of work and having to bludge a meal after the show.
Theater is telling ALL your friends and then one or two come to see.

Theater is doing your very best then finding out a girl your in love with was in the
Theater is getting spellbound.

Theater is way cooler than the movies.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


"alo, alo...woa hav we goa 'ere?"..." cum ta see abi' a THEA'a? ehh?....iw giv u THEA'a!!! "

'SNITCH' played by.... me.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Im having an eye test on Thursday and am going to get some cool glasses soonish.This is a notable 'artfull' activity, as it will enable me to see artworks , archictecture and pretty girls more clearly.
The expence is the only down factor.
Im excited about my 'new look'.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Today i plogged on into town, with my cold, to be the Horse.
I got a prime spot on the bridge at mid-day. There were lots of tourists. I got rather hot in my horse mask but my bright red velvet coat looked good in the sun as did the ribbon in my hair. There are people who make a fuss of taking a photo but cant spare a penny . There are others who try and 'include you' in a snap shot of the river.There are others who try and video in secret.The video tourist never pays up. And there are the parents who give their kid ten cents (!) to put in my box after ive done a big elaberate act. But after all...some cool people too..mostly kids.
I made 25 dollars, enough to cover the the rent, so thats cool.

They got a dog next door. JUST my luck....a little yappy dog.... arhhhhhh!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Today i'm sick with a cold. God dam!
I work so hard at being fit, strong , and on the ball, only to get struck down by a cold. I guess it happens to everyone.
Good news is ,.. my home grown Spinich and Silver beat is going OFF! (Spiring fever!) I even got a little potato which im gonna boil up and eat right now!- yum yum


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