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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Today i plogged on into town, with my cold, to be the Horse.
I got a prime spot on the bridge at mid-day. There were lots of tourists. I got rather hot in my horse mask but my bright red velvet coat looked good in the sun as did the ribbon in my hair. There are people who make a fuss of taking a photo but cant spare a penny . There are others who try and 'include you' in a snap shot of the river.There are others who try and video in secret.The video tourist never pays up. And there are the parents who give their kid ten cents (!) to put in my box after ive done a big elaberate act. But after all...some cool people too..mostly kids.
I made 25 dollars, enough to cover the the rent, so thats cool.

They got a dog next door. JUST my luck....a little yappy dog.... arhhhhhh!

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