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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I went and posed for a portrait life drawing class today. All the way out to St Kilda, in the wind and rain and back again. It took all day. I got 44 $(for 2hrs) . Im happy with that . It was a good ride and good class People older than myself, painting, learning, enjoying their work.
I then spent the money, 30 $ of it, on these models.They are for use in a game called Confrontation inwitch I get to go battle with all kinds of monsters, Orcs and other foul creatures and send them back to wence thay came. So if YOU are one of those, you had better watch out.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This is Me taking a moment to revisit my WWI
Flying Ace days. Ive been so slack the past few days. Training at a lapse. Have to make a concious effort to get back on the ball. I bought some Kiwi -Apple-& Ginger 'smart' juice to help. Rehersals tonight.
Its sunny but windy outside. Did something to my neck getting rid of a mattress yesturday-owww!
There are blossums about looking bountiful & beautiful . Jasmine scents the Coburg streets.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Heres a picture of me skipping rope.
Pic taken by Xero -for more photos of around Melbourne.


Last night (as mentioned in previous post)
was a bit of a flirt flop. Music too hard and the venue attracted alot of straight asses.I tend to smoke to much so today not feeling 100%....

But excited by 3 future projects:
1. 'The Adult Youth of today' Show,'House of Aplication'. Where im performing as a victorian ' Larakin'.Show starts in a month!!!(Melb Fringe Festival)
2. A Director and friend Kathrine has decided to re-shoot some of the movie i Stared in last year.I dont mind a bit, i love the movie making process.
the movie is called 'Winner' and will be sent to all major film festivals next year.
3. The (mentioned in prev.posts) use of the cyber artist STELARC's robotic , mussel stimulated, third arm for a Butoh(dance) performance in NOV.Ive been brainstorming and reading lots of cyberculture/futurist-theory.
So... i might have a hang-over today but ill be rocking again tomorrow! xxxx

Saturday, August 27, 2005


ZONIng IN....
Well..., Saturday came around pretty fast! Tonight is 'FLIRT' night. One of the sexyist and most funky monthly parties in Melbourne. The girls Rock and the music is Deeep beat Funk! Its a new venue this time so should be interesting. DARE i say, ill be on a mitsubishi pill or two and getting down! Opening channels, downloads from heaven.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Life Modeling for a Ladies College has just a trickle of an erotic undertone. Not in a pervy way. Its all very professional but im sure more than one heart has skipped a beat. Here comes in a strapping life model with a bit of mussel posing just for you. And on the otherside, here are a room full of pretty youing ladies staring at you , all over. mmmm.
The teacher is very cool. At half time she runs off to get some sweets for us all.
Schooling in the 21st century- the teacher brings the lollies!!


This post is for my future android friends who, no doupt, will search and find my early txts from way back in 2005. Hello! Welcome ! If you have, in your time, worked out how to send messages 'back through the time thread' , nows a good a time as any to conduct an experiment! I wonder who your going to turn out to be , and what dynamic artistic creations we will make togeather. Kind regards- D.J. Mounsey xxx

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I have become interested in the cybernetic implications of the body builder.
I go to the GYm regularly and enjoy using weights as part of my training(while listening to hi-tec trance muzak). There are many interesting ideas inherant, and it feels great. It s just the observation of others that is mildly disturbing. (not to say Im the expert but..)Theres these people who obviously dont know what theyre doing but do extreme things. After a time their bodys addapt to the changes they are making to their bodys. Like a plastic surgery
disaster things can go horribly out of control.They start looking like mutoid Orcs.Often 'ugly' anyway , alot of them have Fat alcoholised stomocks but puffy chests and rediculas looking arms. (not like this guy who is off on HIS OWN trip). I show off a bit too tho ( there be Girls in the place!), being the GYm ninja superflex and darting about amongst the BioMassCybermonsters.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Past few days, got a bit overwhelmed by the complexity and dynamics of the internet. It can imprison the mind or throw it from crazy place to crazy place. I get side tracked . There is no time, here. A network of millions of humaniods moving amongst the advertisements. Zoom in- Zoom out.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Exciting news

The Famous Cybernetic artist Stelarc has offered to loan me his third hand for a Butoh performance in November. I just have to organize it with Dance House. This is pretty cool and presents many interesting ideas to explore.
A Butoh Techno-dancer !**
For more info on Stelarc visit:

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another Quirk in cyber life....
Once i did a painting based on the concept of William Gibsons 'Mona Lisa Overdrive' story and the Virtual Intelligent Popstar. I put the painting on the www. I hadnt put a title,price, or where i got the idea for the painting. I got an e-mail from a lady in London who ordered the picture. I wrapped it up and sent it.It turned out she worked for an Artificial Intelligence Agency in London and thats where i was sending the picture.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


This is me back in 1893. I had to stand for ages in this smelly little room
with the blinds drawn. I wasnt allowed to blink for fourty seven seconds because the picture would " come out blurry" .... whatever that ment.
A week later I would loose my right arm in a shooting inccident near

If I was ever stranded on a desert island, and on it, it had a cranky old computer that could only get two WEb pages. Those two web pages would be



Today i went and picked up my computer. The guy wasnt finished with it. I lent over the counter looking at the inards of my computer.The guy was Korean looking with broken engkish.He also, like myself, had a speach ipediment.He had to talk to all these people coming in with their computer problems , in his strong accent and stutter. He was good at computers, he put back togeather my machine and told me things.

This evening I got a life modeling job in the middle of town , at a place they make computer games.It was pretty flash.I was Drawn by a small group of young artists. I was shown around and saw lots of computer game art.It was pretty cool.Dynamic stuff. This guy showed me a 3 min game promo he had just spent months making. Fast cyber speedsters on an alien dusty world.
Later i visited my friend Ish . We talked about this game we're going to play . Sci-fi role play.
Im a NOble Andreain with hidden cybernanotronic ability. I borrowed the comic "Ghost in Shell" from Ish. (Japanese Manga)
Now im here, its late.Im listening to ol' schol trance music. Im a bit wired.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

On stage at Fed Sq- (thanks to Xero for Fed pic & Ilan for 'clump' pic)


This is a picture of me taken by Melbourne artist Neil McQuire for his painting work. Maybe ill be a painting one day.
Ive been offline for a whole week(!) due to computer problemo's.But now
everythings a bit faster. God dam those virus jerks.Pain in the ram!
Did alot of artfull activitys this past week tho, so its good get off the computer once in a while. Saw the best film ever ' Kung Fu Hussel'. Good to see China kicking Hollywoods butt! More words next post. Its a lovely spring day outside, so im outta here! xxxx

Monday, August 08, 2005


Today I went and saw an exhibition by the Artist's , Stelarc and Nina Sellars. In the middle of a gallery space there was a giant blender sculpture thing with a vat of Stalark and Nina's fat.
(for real!) Crazy cyber tekni artists. It wasnt so much the art that i was surprized by it was MY own journey to see it. Seeing Stelarc (famous person) outside the gallery and him seeing me and me going in to see his 'vat of fat'. And the young art student man who came runnng out to explain to me to push a certian switch to activate the blender which made the fat/blood gurgle for half a second so I played with the switch and the man said "No! dont play with it!.."


About Olivia's exhibition im involved with:
In it she will have struggling young artists symbolically reduced to homeless beggars for a number of hours while dressed as a Donkey and bent over uncomfortably in the conservative Linden gallery.
The artists are rendered uncomfortable and vaguely embarrassed in the hopes of handouts from passerby. An apt metaphor for young artists in Australia today. 'Donkey', Linden Gallery, St Kilda, thurs Aug 11- 4 two weeks.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Heres one for the night trippers:

Today a small group, including me, did this performance in Federation Square as part of Hiroshima day comemorations. We were dressed up in lots of white clay. It was a bit of a cold and rainy day and i thought we wernt going to get much of an audience but when we got out there (after making a flash Fed Sq dressing room very messy) there was quite a crowd.Mostly Melbourne Japanese.
My dance was for them , and i danced my hardest. It was interesting for me to be using a dance form that originated out of Japan, and which has become so much part of my life, infront of a Japanese audience. It helped me 'return to the source' of Butoh in my imagination, and be once again be inspired by the first Butoh dancers such as Hijikata and Kazo Ono.

Friday, August 05, 2005

When I was a kid I loved battlefields . I went to many , Waterloo, Gettysburg, Bull Run, and numorous old english sites I can't remember the names of .I didnt agree with war but I was fascinated by the thought of standing in the exact spot where the 'actual' battle happened .
Recently I saw 'Cold Mountian ' on dvd about the American civil war. It has a terribly realistic
battle scene in it and it made me remember my naive childhood interest. I once had a dream I was a Russian soldier running over snow without my gun, with many other soldiers.We were being gunned down by machine gun fire from an unknown place.
I play a bit of a soldier in my Horse (see below) . Maybe I took on a ghost or three from one of those battlefields.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Heres the Horse overlooking a little bit of Melbourne. Taken by Olivia Dowling , who is running an exhibition at the Linden Gallery in St Kilda (Aug 11-24) . Various artists will be in the space , each on different days , showing their work and dressed as 'Donkeys'. It was a strange coincidence to meet Olivia and be involved in the Exhibition. Come and visit my Horse who will have lots of magical items to show and sell on aug 14 & aug 21st at The Linden Gallery.
(and for those who cant make it stayed tuned here for photos and stories after the day.)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This picture was recently destroyed in a house fire.
It was made with a painting i had done on the side of
a tipi I lived in.., years ago. The tipi had got old so i cut the pictures
off and stuck them on wood and made another painting.
Its kind of nice to imagine this picture burning away in the middle of the night,
Tipi's have so much to do about fires.

Today I had a life modeling job at a high school. I had to stand, quite high up, on a table.
Towards the end of the class the teacher got a long yellow piece of paper and got all the students to draw, all at the same time , crouched on the floor, in a line. It was surreal for me to have these people all bent over this yellow paper , looking up at me , and scribbling in multi colour . I took a pose where i was able to view this bizare situation.
Also today, a butoh (dance) rehersal. With 8 other people we practiced being a 'clump' on the floor. Theres enjoyment in getting mightely sqashed. We were rehersing a performance for Hiroshima day (Fed square) , this sunday. We're doing like a classic 'ye old Butoh style piece , dressed in white clay and being 'clumps'. For me, as well as the war thing, it'll also be paying homage to the early Butoh dancers , whose art was born out of the horrors of wartime Japan. 60 years on and America is still dropping bombs.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


my faoutite found picture of the moment. "Not scary" (by i dont know who)
My favourite artists are the intelliteclually disabled. iv ebeen to quite a few exhibitions here in melbourne held by Art groups for people with Downsyndrme or Bi-pola (spelling??).They are the most fantastic exibitions. I come away with the feeling I have a long way to go in supreme expressionist picture making.

"Welcome to my search and rescue fire engine . "

Monday, August 01, 2005


This is my famous Horse. There are a thousand storys to write about him.Born in 1996 for a busking festival in Hamilton, New Zealand, and leading a long and eventfull life right up to the present. There must be a million and one photos of him world wide. This photo is, in fact, when he was about two years old . Much has changed since but hes only more beautiful and artfully presented. He has entetained hundreds of thousands, in a very anonymous way. Most loved by the very old and the very young. Stay tuned for the stories...


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