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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today a small group, including me, did this performance in Federation Square as part of Hiroshima day comemorations. We were dressed up in lots of white clay. It was a bit of a cold and rainy day and i thought we wernt going to get much of an audience but when we got out there (after making a flash Fed Sq dressing room very messy) there was quite a crowd.Mostly Melbourne Japanese.
My dance was for them , and i danced my hardest. It was interesting for me to be using a dance form that originated out of Japan, and which has become so much part of my life, infront of a Japanese audience. It helped me 'return to the source' of Butoh in my imagination, and be once again be inspired by the first Butoh dancers such as Hijikata and Kazo Ono.

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