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Wednesday, August 17, 2005



Today i went and picked up my computer. The guy wasnt finished with it. I lent over the counter looking at the inards of my computer.The guy was Korean looking with broken engkish.He also, like myself, had a speach ipediment.He had to talk to all these people coming in with their computer problems , in his strong accent and stutter. He was good at computers, he put back togeather my machine and told me things.

This evening I got a life modeling job in the middle of town , at a place they make computer games.It was pretty flash.I was Drawn by a small group of young artists. I was shown around and saw lots of computer game art.It was pretty cool.Dynamic stuff. This guy showed me a 3 min game promo he had just spent months making. Fast cyber speedsters on an alien dusty world.
Later i visited my friend Ish . We talked about this game we're going to play . Sci-fi role play.
Im a NOble Andreain with hidden cybernanotronic ability. I borrowed the comic "Ghost in Shell" from Ish. (Japanese Manga)
Now im here, its late.Im listening to ol' schol trance music. Im a bit wired.

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