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Monday, August 01, 2005


This is my famous Horse. There are a thousand storys to write about him.Born in 1996 for a busking festival in Hamilton, New Zealand, and leading a long and eventfull life right up to the present. There must be a million and one photos of him world wide. This photo is, in fact, when he was about two years old . Much has changed since but hes only more beautiful and artfully presented. He has entetained hundreds of thousands, in a very anonymous way. Most loved by the very old and the very young. Stay tuned for the stories...

I was in town with my little girl six years ago and she saw you in the Octagon looking like a freak and burst into tears; she's still in counselling and I think you should pay the bills!...
I mean the trauma of a horses head haunts her to this day like that distressing scene from the 'Godfather' where a horses ,decapitated head, is placed in his bed !
disgusting .
And that accordian , your concertina jack-in-the-box horror is enough to even make me weary.
what is your gimmick freak?
do you enjoy scaring little girls and sanctify this in the name of art?
I think it is a strange coincidence that I came across this blog-site and having to revisit the horror with my little girl all over again. must be'll get yours sunshine.
mmm well guess one mans kama anyway...
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