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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Today I had a life modeling job at a high school. I had to stand, quite high up, on a table.
Towards the end of the class the teacher got a long yellow piece of paper and got all the students to draw, all at the same time , crouched on the floor, in a line. It was surreal for me to have these people all bent over this yellow paper , looking up at me , and scribbling in multi colour . I took a pose where i was able to view this bizare situation.
Also today, a butoh (dance) rehersal. With 8 other people we practiced being a 'clump' on the floor. Theres enjoyment in getting mightely sqashed. We were rehersing a performance for Hiroshima day (Fed square) , this sunday. We're doing like a classic 'ye old Butoh style piece , dressed in white clay and being 'clumps'. For me, as well as the war thing, it'll also be paying homage to the early Butoh dancers , whose art was born out of the horrors of wartime Japan. 60 years on and America is still dropping bombs.

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