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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I have become interested in the cybernetic implications of the body builder.
I go to the GYm regularly and enjoy using weights as part of my training(while listening to hi-tec trance muzak). There are many interesting ideas inherant, and it feels great. It s just the observation of others that is mildly disturbing. (not to say Im the expert but..)Theres these people who obviously dont know what theyre doing but do extreme things. After a time their bodys addapt to the changes they are making to their bodys. Like a plastic surgery
disaster things can go horribly out of control.They start looking like mutoid Orcs.Often 'ugly' anyway , alot of them have Fat alcoholised stomocks but puffy chests and rediculas looking arms. (not like this guy who is off on HIS OWN trip). I show off a bit too tho ( there be Girls in the place!), being the GYm ninja superflex and darting about amongst the BioMassCybermonsters.

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