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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Two cool things today. Watching a baby swim class at the YMCA. They were having a great oldtime spalshing and bobbing around!Itwas so funny. Afterwards i was in the gym looking out a window and saw a mother who had just put here baby down to do something.The baby, in its little red chinese outfit rolled over into yoga 'down dog', pose for about 20 seconds.Like it needed a stretch after going for a swim.WE were all once babies!-lol
This afternoon i went to a CAKE bake off party. Lots of dressed up people and a table with all home made wedding cakes, of all shapes ,sizes , colours and textures. IT was crazy.We had lists and had to judge them according to many different things. SWeetest, most layered, least edible looking, Most crazy, smallest etc etc. I tried to take it easy (what with being all healthy and all) but it was hard not to get involved- i liked my friend, Jedda's, Rice and cream cake with strawberries and peaches-but the Grandprize went to Jessi-ray and her best Looking teddy bear cake which also won 'most marzipan'- WHEW...what a party!

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