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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Horse Does it Again!

This morning I was barley awake when I got a call from Anni , the director of a show im in.
She said she would pick me up to go do some promotion at the Fringe Festival opening.
I was only half awake but before long we were in town and at the official opening. It was a packed room ,we arrived late, just in time to miss the speaches. We had to elbow our way in. I was thinking.. "oh God,this is so stupid, i dont thnk im really into theater, these people are weirdo's".... when along came some free sandwiches and drinks. It was a party. I woke up a bit. Then it was time for the press photos. All the actors/performers packed themselves on stage and had shots (with our Melb Mayor in the middle) a big cheese!" Well", i decided," it was now or never!" I put on my red coat, white gloves and horse mask and became...HORSE!!! I jumped right up front, in front of everybody and in front of the press, and did royal theater moves and poncey gestures.I had grabbed the press and had them all to my self for at least a minute!There were at least ten of them snapping away with their big cameras. I was the star! Then it was all over, we split, and i was back in my room all of a sudden.
"Jezz..." i thought, did that really happen?

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