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Friday, July 29, 2005

Dunedin Fringe festival-2002. I was invited to perform back in my NZ much loved city in the south, Dunedin. I had been practicing 'Butoh' for some years in Melbourne and had become quite excited by the dance form. I performed a solo piece in a main square downtown, taking off all my cloathes and 'being' a seagull. I entered into a gaggle of other seagulls and began swaking also.A friend threw me a piece of muffin. A small crowd of people watched in amusement.People looked out windows.Some kids laughed. I finished my performance and put my cloathes back on.Some police arrived and I was arressted. In the police car , I asked for the radio to be turned up as there was a song by the 'Freestylers' on their radio.The police complied, so it was a rocking trip down to the station.Once there I was warned, wasnt charged and set free.Later that day I was rung up on my cell ph by National radio.I had breif interview which was played on the news nation wide.Some journalists turned up and i gave statements which appeared in all the top newspapers in NZ.With headings such as 'Clipped Wings'. I mearly said that in my opinion seagulls didnt appear to wear cloathes so what i did was perfectly logical. A triumph in artistic persuit and for common sence.

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