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Saturday, July 30, 2005

This is a picture of Me, Princess Dianna(with a whole lot of bodyguards) and the then Minister of Internal affairs of England, in London, August, 1992. I had spend 8 months in London and had entered into a painting compitition called 'Images of Drugs in Southwark'. It was a scare campaign exhibition to promote getting kids off drugs. Most of the entrants were either kids (made to do it, obviously, by their school) or, much older, psychidelic artists.
I won first prize ( a trip for two to Malta) and a talk with princess Dianna and this Minister chap. The princess liked my (2) paintings and laughed at the humour they carried. (About cups of tea).She asked me..." and where did you get all your inspiration?". I replied, in all honesty, "from Drugs!" I had also entered a poem (seen framed on the very left of the photo) with a picture of Alice fom Wonderland. The poem was a' cut up' version from an original by L.Carrol.
Well..., it turned out they booked the trip too far in the future, and i wanted to head back to NZ , so I gave my ticket to my best friends i had hung out with in London.They were also my 'Drug' dealers who had so regularly provided me with quality hash.
This artistic triumph also got me into 'The New Zealand Womans Weekly' with an article and a cheezy photograph.

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