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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


My good body has had to battle with a common cold virus since yesturday afternoon.What a drama it is! Im Feeling terrible. Whats more boring is being confined to my room and mindless TV, probly making the symptoms worse. I managed to go to 'Interact Employment' this morning (coffee seemed to eliviate the cold briefly) who are a Government watchdoging agency im asighned to so i can recieve an unemployment benifit.It seems the big computer is the sky has decided i need to do 'Work for the Dole' again (a mindless,useless,waste of time!.)
So i have to do another royal run around having to show people i DO actually DO something. My 'case' manager treated me like a retard. I felt like saying well..YOU get up on stage in front of 1000 people then lady!'
AFTER 8 years of intensive training im as qualified an Actor as a working Doctor is a Doctor. THE ARTIST IS TREATED LIKE SH*T !-unless, of course your some dumb ass Hollywood actor!

Hi Sora

Hope you get well soon.
It`s not a "Bird-flue",is it? lol

In Germany, it was a report yesterday about the bird flue and some Swans were died because of the virus,now people start worring about the human bird flue.....

btw, i guess some people take a glance of your site for a few seconds,might be my Japanese blogers who check it though my HP. if so, sorry about that.
They probaly don`t know what to do,or how to react for your diary, caz they are normal Japanese who can not handle English. lol

well, take care !!!
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