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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I got hold of some real San Fran Acid on Friday, so staged a bit of muti-media , home theatre in my room. It was fantastic, very pretty visuals, and dynamic thoughts. The designer drug goes hand in hand with computer land and i really had a virtual reality experience , with pictures,music and moving graphics coming out in 4th dimensional space into my room. Togeather with my colourful paintings and sculptural fairy lights i really got something going. I highly recomend the LSD experience. A famous man once said "a person going through life without a psycedellic experience is like someone going through life without sex."

Tena koe Danny Boy,
Seen your techna-colour-dream-coat .My Padre San Pedro is still only half-a-foot .
I did not know that Valey Myers died in 2002, that was the year (?)Louise and I went looking for her and rang her number-no answer-left a message.Alison has got the flu-living with her at the moment good access to the net-scape.looking for good avatars to use on my chat rooms etc. ones that are animated got any suggestion?
How did you hit an iron pole?
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