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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It seems im reclaiming by boyhood. My favourite shoping expiditions unclude the toy shops.I found an Animie model shop in the city yesturday which resurfaced hidden desires id supressed from the age of 10. I NEEDED that little plastic figerette of ninja girl! Buying it didnt satisfy the need, i need MORE little plastic figerettes! I know where MY pocket moneys going!

where's this shop @ may i know pls?
In a little arcade off the China town street(little Bourke)...i cant remember the name of the arcade.I remember the arcade has a narrow entrance (not the other mall with the movie theaters) Its mostly japanese and Chinese small shops.Inside, The Animie model shop cant be missed.

(On the corner of the front entrance to arcade is a Jp shop thats sells other nick nacks but the selection of models isnt nearly as good)
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