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Friday, September 29, 2006


LAst night i went with friends to an opening. On the way home i was really 'busting' from the two cans of beer i had. We were going down some back streets oppisite a park. It was a VERY dark little street so i asked to get out to relieve myself. I found a tree, quite obviously not 'exposing my self in public'.And who should pull up...but a car load of police! I was hassled but not booked (mainly because they coulnt find my 'info' on their computer as i had no drivers licence)...BRING BACK THE PREHISTORIC DAYS I say! how ridiculas the human species has become. Fair enough , if everybody did it then Melbourne would be stinky... but to get hassled by thugs for going to the toilet? Thats just silly!

well, poor u.

I am going to Oktoberfest in Muenchen tomorrow, so defanitly see many people like you. upps

I heard there are many Austrian people are coming to this festival and get drunk badly. I forgot the name of the beer company's tent, but I prefer keep away from the Jam... lol

and Police in Germany wouldn't mind of .... what you did , unless you do something violent. lol

Don't forget drinking lots of water after drinking !
mistake : not Austrian , but Australian ....
Yes Yes Yes! A toilet flushing the wast of 18 litres of water. Your wee the perfect fertaliser for the earth! (watered down 3 to 1). Your body the perfect organism to nurush and heal the earth. Squatting the perfect healing posture for your body. INEVITABLE SITUATIONS LIKE THIS ONE..... Why ???
And the police trying to do somrething good...(?) - inocent but deluded humans having never experienced oneness. All this rolled into one, the artful expression of the universe? A child smoking? a death form heroin? an alcoholic dying?
Hi. Benny sounds like Dr. Bronner.
I have had two friends get arrested for public urination here in the US. Honestly.
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