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Saturday, September 09, 2006


A rebirth of inspiration to perform came from Dean, who is organizing a DADA night. Lots of refrence, movies and acts, for later this month. Ive gotta come up with a good little something with my microphone. Its easy, as the whole DADA idea is quite obscure, and pretty much, anything goes!

Dada, it doesn’t smell. It means nothing,
Absolutely nothing. Dada is like your hope: Nothing!
Like your paradise: Nothing!
Like your idols: Nothing!
Like your politicians: Nothing!
Like your leaders: Nothing!
Like your artists: Nothing!
Like your religion: Nothing!
Hiss, shout, kick my teeth in. So what?
I shall still tell you fools that in three months, my friends
And I will be selling you our picture for Francs.

(Picabia, Dada Manifesto, 1920, Dada Performance,

Hey D, Cool man let me know when the Dada thing is on, I know a few people that would be keen. I heard something about some theatre thing happening in Abbotsford now too. B...
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