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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Whats been on my mind as of late, is this notion of Capitalism, and how, without even really being aware of it, here we all live, smack bang in the middle of it.It really is a shitty way of handling people. Get them to work and sell them crap. I admire people who do REAL work,dont get me wrong, but all this STUFF everyones trying to sell each other! Im tired of all the silly adds...i think ill go live in Cuba.

G'day Mr! Hows it going? Wy go live in Cuba? and is Sufi the islam stuff? I' having a shallow but extended crysis to do with spending alot of time in a culture of uni students that are at least 10/13 years younger than me. And not having time for me. It's dividing my brain leatly in two, and leaving me quivering in the middle like an empty... i don't know! Enough winjing. i'm gona call you today to see if you want to go see Glow by Chunky move. Will not be at Irene today cos got a modeling gig in Epping. B.
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