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Saturday, October 07, 2006


It was very much 'Saints and Sinners' last night. Performing with Sprinkle and Chanel at this fetish ball at the Metro. Fun being back stage with the Chicks (+ voodoo trash dolls).Apon arrival went straight backstage, did show and then split out the back exit for another party. Its fun playing the performer! (you cant see my wings), . Got a bit naughty at the next party , drinkin' and smoking,& dancing with girlfriends, but what the heck, theres a little bit of devil in me too!

Awww. Yer a sweet little angel....
Trash? what's going on with this whole trash thing? Why do people want to do something so shallow so well? And why is everyone dancing round doing briliant air gutar to someones sisters boyfriend on the house cd player and op-shop turntable bouncing it round the 80's feeding off the rore when they here "paradice city", or "walking on the ceeling"? When all i wanna do is take my drugs and have some insightfull journey deep in to my own reality. Mabe i'll just be getting in to it in ten years when everone is talking about the trash revolution of the 00's. and i'll be desparately air gutaring round the lounge by my self while everyone else is down the road at a party thrashing out to.....40's swing? Mabe these chicks on the stage are the avant garde of the times. Hmmm!
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