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Thursday, December 14, 2006


My splogging has been lazy! Its seems an unusual thing to do sometimes. Writing words to no one in particular, and i fear it serves no purpose. BUt 'blog' i will for the mear randomness of it all. Hello to you who reads this word! im sure your nice.

Wack the Penguin !
Ride the line!
Carve watermellon!
Start a project!
Imagine the tenth dimension !

Heeeeeey, Mystro Mystro how you going there??? hope ya well hey. I'm in tasmania now and it's like a washing machine of being overlooked, unheard, unseen and misunderstood. In a surreal world of tranced drones enslaved to, and absorbed in the specific reality that has been created for them. Never to see hear or breathe with me. Thank you for being a connection point to my reality. you are a couragous man and an inspiration. Besides that Tassy is nice, a bit dry but still with some stronger vegitation around. I am in love with weeds and rubbish. The dumped. it has so much to say, and is so human. Look foward to catching up soon. Probably in Melbs i'm back in early Jan. Cheers Ben.
great to be able to talk
Sorry my comments are always bulshit about myself rather than comments.
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