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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We had a fire. I had only just moved in to this beautiful house with beautiful people, at 6.45 Friday morning the central heating started up making a woomph and catching nearby towels . The alarms went off. Ben, my new house mate, rushed past my room, naked, yelling ,"the house is on Fire!!". He was trying to put it out with pots of water. Smoke was soon filling up my room. I opened the window and looked around tryng to think of things i should 'save'. i chose my computer, which took more than a moment to unplug. I then chucked my doll mask , costume and doll boots out the window.It got too smoky so i joined Madu, Ben and little Sol out the front where we sat in a wimpering huddle. The firemen came and soon the fire was out. WE thought , at the sight of the smoke bellowing out, that ALL was lost, but after assessment , only the laundry, bathroom and living room were badly damaged. my room was totally ok! not even a smoke mark. So staying at the house still, airing the place out and awaiting an army of insurance people, cleaners and builders. The insurance will pay for it all. The whole thing was VERY scary. im putting word out to everyone....MAKE SURE YOUR SMOKE ALARMS ARE WORKING!!!

oh, got !!!
not only in California, but there as well !!!

It´s glad to know you are ok.
As I am in middle of Exam stress, will come back to cyber world after exam and winter holiday in japan.
around Xmas time. cu then !

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