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Sunday, February 08, 2009


Well RMIT helped stuff up my enrollment, and i lost my place, after a month of me trying to sort it out.
The University enrollment system is FUCKED! and RMIT admin are dam useless as are VTAC admin. SO, im not going to RMIT now..instead ill do my Diploma at Victoria University.
RMIT miss out on the fame and fortune and artistic excellence.

Im also homeless, my internet is slowed so i cant do my art (with an upcoming display in a Paris gallery in April!), i owe alot of money and am expected at a wedding in NZ in a few months. SO life is mightily frustrating. All of these these things are other peoples makings.. all i can do is chin up and sort it all out.
God dam.

I hope it's mostly sorted by now?

I find that time sorts a few things out... but mostly it's the individual (you) who does the sorting... so, Well Done for that. Sorting is a thankless task... and a fairly hard one at that.

But as you say, Disaster does put sorting-frustrations into perspective. It's ALL important though.

I have been sorting through other people's messes for an AGE now... but I can report, from the future, that it yields - eventually. Today my bank account got bombarded with large amounts of money from three different directions. This was a direct result of long-range sorting under some extremely difficult, nearly soul-destroying circumstances.

RMIT loses. I hope the VU course is pricking all the right synapses. Bring on the fame, fortune and artistic excellence!

And I really REALLY hope you're not homeless anymore.
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